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Welcome to the Sophrospirit boutique, the Sophrology tools!

Are you Sophrologist and looking for tools to share exercises with your clients?

These cards are made for you!

 Or perhaps you are simply interested in Sophrology and would love to discover the method and try exercises?

These cards are also made for you!

 From breathing, to dynamic relaxation, and visualisation protocols you will find a fantastic collection of classic and creative exercises to inspire, support and build your practice.

 We even have children’s specific cards,  specially created to offer them practical and accessible exercises to help them manage their emotions

The exercises are fun and easily accessible. Through these exercises, they will find calm and succeed in getting rid of unpleasant emotions.

You will find lots of ideas for using the cards and accompany children in a playful way in the blog section of our site ☺

After a Sophrology session it is not always easy to remember the exercises practiced. These Sophrology cards were created with the aim of memory aid, so that your clients can practice independently, daily and at their own pace!  

You will also find other Sophrospirit Sophrology tools in the shop, as well as some free download files, specially designed and gifted to you with love ☺

We are committed to offer you useful products and put all our energy and creativity into the service of this project! We regularly put online new products that you can order for free.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me here! 

You can also check the FAQ section of our site (Frequently Asked Questions) as well as find more information about us here. You can also find us on Facebook (Sophrospirit). 

Wishing you a great visit on our site!

Looking forward to chat with you.



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