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Passion & Mission !

I am a Sophrologist specializing in the care of children and teenagers, I graduated from the South East Sophrology School Michèle Freud in France, in 2017.

When I did my internship at a primary school to obtain my diploma, I thought a great deal about ways that students would be able to remember the exercises that we did during our sessions.

I wanted to be able to offer them clear tools and techniques, and above all effective !


Chaque être est doué d’un don qui lui permet d’être un soutien, une consolation ou une lumière pour les autres ; mais aussi d’une faille, d’une fêlure, d’une fragilité, qui réclame l’aide d’autrui.

L’Ame du monde de Frédéric Lenoir



Sophrospirit is the result of 2 years of work, experimentation and creation!

During my internship at the primary school, I thought of a simple and effective way to share Sophrology tools with the children and had the idea to create cards for the exercises that we had practiced during the day’s session.

In view of their great success, I decided to create more cards for the children I receive in my practice. I then continued this path by creating the cards for adults.

These cards are very useful to me in my own personal practice, and also both with my clients and in the schools where I work.

So I am now happy to share with you these tools, so that you too can pass on these wonderful sophrology exercises.

Looking forward to chat with you!



Sophrospirit in English 

This is a project that is close to my heart! Because of my particular attachment to London, where I had the chance to live for a year (far too long ago 😅)

But also because it is there that I had the joy of meeting the person who is joining me today officially in my adventure.

I am very happy to present to you Julie, who, as you will have understood, is in charge of the whole new version of the Sophrospirit tools in English!

Here’s a little bit about Julie:

Sophrologist based in London, UK. I am currently finishing my qualification with the Sophrology Academy, who is the very first training centre based in the UK, the centre is accredited with the FEPS, ISF, CMA and the Syndicat Des Sophrologues Professionnels.
Originally from France I had heard about Sophrology but had never tried it. Several years ago I went through a burnout and so decided to give it a go, it really helped me to recover both physically and mentally and so I decided to study it to become a practitioner myself. Soon after I became pregnant and continued to experience incredible results in my wellbeing, with birth preparation and still after in post natal and stress management.

Sophrology has been a real life changer for me and so my goal is to share this rewarding method of self care, to achieve results and bring more balance and happiness into our daily life.

I am also a qualified Yoga teacher, specialised in Prenatal, Postnatal and mother & baby yoga, and a beauty & massage therapist.

In my practice I offer Sophrology, Yoga and Wellbeing treatments, I am well known for my positive energy, passion and enthusiasm and differentiate myself by offering a high quality, tailor made and unique experience in all my services.

I have known Claire for over 10 years and after going through our Sophrology journey alongside each other I am very excited to have the opportunity to work together on the SophroSpirit project and to make those fantastic tools available to all Sophrologists and practitioners in the UK and across the globe.

For more information on what I offer and for bookings visit: www.withinthemaking.com

You can also join my Facebook community Within the making where you will find all our latest news!

Looking forward to hear from you all!